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Every field of study has its own specific terminology and if a student seliously wants to make any advance in his understanding he must become acquainted with the “technical language” of his chosen field. This book of Sufi Terminology, Al-Qamus Al­Sufi, has been written for the sincere seeker of Truth who desires to increase his knowledge of the Absolute by delving into the “Mystical language” of Islam.

Sufi: The name Sufi applies to the man or woman who has purified his heart through the Remembrance of Allah (dhikrullah), travelled the Path of Return to Allah. and arrived at true Knowledge (ma ‘rifa). There are many seekers of Wisdom and Truth, but only the Realized One whose search was solelyfor Allah, deserves the name Sufi. Yet paradoxically. the one deserving of the name lvould never deem himselF worthy of such an honour. Because he has attained such a high degree in his knowledge Allah he knows. with certainty. that “the slave is the slave and the Lord is the Lord. ” 

Amatullah Armstrong was born in Australia to Australian Christian parents of British origin. She was trained as a secondary school art teacher. After many years of searching for the truth in France, England, U.A.E, North Africa and Australia she embraced Islam in the Algerian Sahara Desert in 1984. She received her postgraduate degree on Sufism from Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 1998. The author now lives in Pakistan.


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