Qaadir Yaar Pooran Bhagat within Reach

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The ‘WITHIN THE REACH’ series of the MASTERWORKS OF PUNJAABI SUFI POETRY is an attempt to bring the outstanding verse of major Punjaabi Sufi poets to an English- reading public.

QAADIR YAAR’s tale moves at fast pace. He uses the reader’s sensibility to fill into the parts of the tale which may not need the detail. In this he is an astute writer as he will also put in the embellishing line which eccentuates the feeling the masterpoet whishes to convey.QAADIR YAAR also uses the rarely used cut-to-cut technique, where the response to the action line. Action and reaction, subterfuge and response, become explicit.One of its subjects, the sexual passion of a step-mother for a step-son, was new when the tale was composed. That the tale was not a unique passion.

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