Fareed To Fareed(Bouquet)

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MUZAFFAR A. GHAFFAAR’S work is in three areas .(i) He is President of Lahore Arts Forum
which is arguably the most active cultural organisation in Pakistan (in its 24th year. Over 1750 
programmes presented).(ii) He has devised and taught a History & Heritage programme and another entitled Poetry and the Sufi Tradition .(iii) His work as a writer also spans three areas:His six books of English verse are ANOTHER VOICE,(the first English poetry book in pakistan to go into a second printing),MARYAM & OTHERS ,INSCAPE , YESTERDAYS, ANOTHER TIME ANOTHER PLACE ,INSCAPE , YESTERDAYS  drawn excellent erviews .He is also a writer of non-fiction: HOW GOVERNMENTS WORK is in its second printing. A paperback edition and an urdu translation have also been published. it is billed as a ” must -read for every Pakistani thinking woman and man”.

UNITY IN DIVERSITY- A Vision for p[aksitan, is reviewed as “a book that will change the way we look at  ourselves and at Pakistan”.An Urdu translation is under preparation .THE BRAIN, THE BODY, THE SOUL, THE MIND has been called” a book that should add new meaning to our lives” An Urdu translation is under preparation Muzaffar A. Ghaffaar’s main body of work is under the umbrella name  MUSTERWORKS OF PUNJAABI SUFI POETRY, in 29 + volumes. Books on BAABA FAREED GANJSHAKAR,BAABA NAANAK, SHAH HUSAYN (3 vols), SULTAAN BAAHU ,BULLEH SHAH (2 vols), SACHAL SARMAST and  KHWAAJA GHULAAM FAREED have been published. The series has moved to qissas with a four volume HEER Damodar.A six volume HEER Waaris SHah is in the finl stages of preparation .The series will continue.

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