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From the long walk shared with Michael and his fastidious eye gleaming at how the light was illuminating a certain part of a field ,a garden or a building and how he wished everything could be documented, to being in the shoes of those being one myself-who had spent a significant part of their lives on the campus and seen first –hand how the  college had evolved, who would not want to relive Aitchison ! however, documenting it all was a considerable challenge.

There were many days on which the weather or light was not quite right or the particle density too severe and I would go back empty – handed,setting the alarm for another morning .after a year devoted to picking a harvest of just 180 images from a ceop of over 6,000 final choices,which involved  some 30,000 man hours,I am proud to present Reliving  Aitchison .

It was a beautiful challenge

-Zill Niazi

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