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Pakistan is a land of natural beauty and grandeur. Its moun­tains have no parallel. There are hundreds of peaks ranging from 6,000 to 8,611 meters above sea level, which inClude K-2 – the second highest peak in the world. Through its craggy defiles climbed such warriors as Alexander the Great and Genghez Khan in search of plunder and glory.Pakistan is also the home of a culture as ancient, complex and striking as any in the world. Its people are known for enterprise and depth of tradition.The image of Pakistan, how­ever, has been confused for too long, hence the purpose of this publication – to present a straight­forward and realistic image of the country.This book contains excellent glimpses of the country’s history, diversity, people and places, and the enchantment of the vast land called Pakistan.In fact, this book is a mosaic which comprises as detailed aportrait as is possible within the confines of a single volume; revealing a nation of remarkably varied aspect, yet fundamentally homogeneous, lively, creative and enterprising. 
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