Passion for Pakistan

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Pakistan is a beautiful, interesting and amazing country. The cultural heritage is very rich and the variety in landscape is almost unbelievable. From breathtaking mountains, mighty rivers and fertile plains to sizzling cities, from sandy deserts and white coastal beaches to busy markets, it can all be found while criss-crossing the country.Besides all these are the colourful people, whose outlook, behaviour and traditions are shaped by their environment. Their faces often tell the stories of the past. We will never forget their overwhelming human warmth and hospitality. Many times we were invited to stay for a meal in people’s houses that we had met for the first time, or we had to accept a gift that they insisted on giving us. After four years of living in Pakistan with countless good memories and thousands of photographs, we have both developed a feeling and passion for the country that we would like to share with other people. Knowing that one day we will leave this country, we thought it would be a good idea to create a book that reflects our memories and experiences. It contains the highlights of our travels through all four provinces. We hope this book will encourage other people to visit this country of warm and friendly people and also prove a token of our friendship and thanks to all our friends in Pakistan. 
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