Ruminations OF HEART

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Life in our part of the world has been unusually tough and unkind in the last few years. Every dawn presents new challenges and every dusk leaves more miseries. Insecurity and uncertainty are the main afflictions. Most socio-economic parameters are nose diving with erosion of individual and national self-esteem. This reduces life to a mere existence and purloins one of dreams and hope for a better tomorrow. Prevailing disheartening situation invites sensitive hearts to ‘ruminate’ to discover novel ways to get out ofit. To sail through the ocean of uncertainty and despair one needs strong will and reliable oars.‘Stark realities of life’ opens the Pandora box that we are facing and views it from different angles. Many overt and many more covert enemies challenge our beliefs and existence. ‘Shining stars’ is an assemblage of luminaries who are beacons of wisdom and leaves can be picked from their lives to find the way out. ‘The Way Forward’ outlines possible strategies one must consider to paddle out of this muddle. This unveils newer avenues to explore, test and then adopt. ‘Towards self­improvement’ highlights important tenets that one has to learn, imbibe and incorporate in daily lives. Life needs continuous fine tuning and this chapter offers pearls of wisdom for intellectual enhancement.‘Preventing heart attack’ describes important realization that heart attack is on the rise but it is preventable. It highlights important steps that need to be taken to forestall it. ‘The art and science of medicine’ shares secrets about the practice of medicine with a spice of humor. It unveils some hidden aspects of medical practice which may not be obvious to some. ‘On the wings of air’ takes readers to both sides of Pacific Ocean exploring newer vistas with emphasis on deducing new lessons for local application. ‘Ultimate in life’ accumulates the treasure one discovers in ‘Hermain Sharefain’ , that enhances spirituality, helps achieve the real purpose of life and shows the way forward.When the mind fails to find the solution, the heart comes to rescue and ruminates. This book is an assortment of’ Ruminations of Heart – hopefully this will inspire your heart to ruminate too. Happy reading!


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