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The aim of this book is to meet the needs of students under­taking the graduate and technical courses in materials re­lated with Civil Engineering, all practicing Engineers and those professional Engineers who want to work in the king­dom of Saudi Arabia on Highway projects and appear in Ministry of Communication’s interview. It represents a con­cise clear introduction to the laboratory testing techniques, procedures and limitations of soil, concrete, asphalt and paints on highways and thus providing a sound basis for further study and related experience. This book is in ques­tions and answers form and best efforts have been made to find out the solution of all the problems which a Highway En­gineer has to face from time to time while working at the site.

Each chapter briefly outlines the answers of all the problems regarding soil, concrete, asphalt and traffic paints and prac­tical purposes of the various types of tests.

Concrete is in ever widening use and the Highway Engineer­ing field is no exception. Great efforts have been devoted to design this book to provide all the information essential in the Highway construction work.

Whatever has been written in this book also depends on the author’s experience on highway project with Consulting En­gineers.

It is hoped that the solution of the problems presented in this book will satisfy the readers and encourage further reading, thought and discussion.


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