Musing of Heart

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“I cannot take it anymore!” says an inner voice after being defeated in many battles, cheated at various occasions and let down at innumerable junctures. “The show has to go on, the mission is still to be realised!” muses heart -indefatigable and undefeatable. Life is not about giving in -it is about doing our best and leaving the rest to Him. The articles in this book may carry different titles but they are the waves of one restless sea and carry the same message.We have been through very rough times that almost tore apart the fabric of our society. In those of hours of incredulity and distress, it was our faith and dedication to religious tenets that came to our rescue. We still have a long way to go, to repair and reconstruct. As a nation we must realise the importance of our institutions and the need to fortify them! We have to demonstrate by our actions that we really believe that our salvation lies in them.Some people have been chosen to light candles which show the way to others. These special candles have been lit with honesty, dedication to cause and relentless hard work. Their lives serve to inspire us and they are the role models for our coming generations.A doctor has to take cognizance of different diseases waiting to strike us. By all accounts, diabetes is our number one enemy and therefore a whole section has been dedicated to it approaching it from different angles. Highlighting its importance based on local and international statistics,explaining its effects on different organs of body, stressing drug free approaches and elaborating different drug regimens to improve understanding and enhance compliance. Every literate person should know about commonly performed cardiac procedures like angiography and angioplasty. It is our collective responsibility to learn and disseminate strategies to prevent heart problems. Different causes of breathlessness are discussed for the understanding of people not related to medical profession.We wander around the world – wondering at the development in different counties and wishing to see our country standing tall in the comity of respectable nations. We need to learn from the experiences of other nations and get motivated to do something constructive as nations grow with sacrifices and persistent hard work.With broken hearts, mourning scores of tragedies – losing valuable lives and resources, we should still try to be optimistic, inspired by our role models and other nations. I hope ‘The Musings of Heart’ appeals to your heart, generates hope for a brighter tomorrow and inspires you to actually do something about it! 

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