Unity in Diveristy

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The book started as a substantial essay, which was requested by an English magazine for their issue on the Golden Jubilee of Pakistan. But my longhand was too much for them. Then I got of the essay and have worked on it for over eight years.Scholars may be unhappy that I have not provided foot notes and endnotes. To them my apologies. The reason for this is my inclination to focus on the narrative. This in turn may be because I am not a trained research scholar. My efforts were channeled to ideas and inferences. But I have given a select bibliographyfor history at the end of the book.A history of Pakistan, which is not tucked into a history of ‘India’, had to be selected sometime. Identity issues as well as an exploration of our culture and its sources and a vision for Pakistan cried out to me. This book is in response to such a call.

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