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After the names of Prophets, we always say a blessing. For. example, with Prophet Isa’s name we say’ Alaihus Salam’ (AS), and with Prophet Muhammad’s name ‘Sallalla ho Alaihe Wasalam’ (SAW) or peace be upon him – sometimes written in short form as ‘pbuh’. For a believer, saying of these blessings is must to show reverence to the Holy Prophets as well as to the angels. Also, we use the word ‘Hazrat’ before the names of the Prophets, angels, holy men and women to show our respect. For instance, the name of Prophet Isa would be read (or said) by a Muslim as – Hazrat Isa alaihus salam; and his mother’s name as – Hazrat (or Syeda) Maryam alaihus salam. Similarly, the names of the Holy Prophets’ wives are read with the prefix – Hazrat (or Syeda), such as Hazrat (or Syeda) Khadijah (the first wife of the Prophet). To keep the flow of the pri~ted words these blessings are not al ways repeated in the text of this book, but are said while reading them. I expect the same from the readers without resorting to any confusion or misunderstandi}lg. I seek Allah’s forgiveness for my lack of knowledge and shortcomings in this book. 

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