Securing The Future

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Dr Brigadier Umar Sattar has done M.Phil in War Studies and carries unique achievement being Ph.D qualified in National Strategy with grade ‘Distinction’from National Defence University, Egypt.The author has varied experience of, Staff and Instructions in Pakistan Army. He has also served in
United Nations Peacekeeping missions abroad. He is happily married and blessed with four daughters and one son. He is staunch exponent of two basic concepts within the domain of national strategy; “addressing the root causes permanently rather than fighting the symptoms of terrorism” that is explicitly addressed in this book, and the concept of “win without fight through optimization of deterrence against the adversary”, being covered in another upcoming book; “Win without Fight.”

……Besides distinguishing between legitimate freedom struggle and what has come to define 21st century’s security challenge, ‘Terrorism’, book under study, ‘Securing the Future; Means to
End all Terrorism Means’, defines a comprehensive framework aimed at eradicating this deadly malaise from any society, of course Pakistan included. Author deserves to be appreciated for
this enormous contribution which should form part of curriculum wherever this subject is studied.
Lieutenant General Ghulam Mustafa (Retired) Pakistan Army
……He has conducted the wide ranging research to write this book and has recommended some viable options to control and eradicate terrorism. The book makes an interesting reading and should
be widely consulted by researchers on this subject. Lieutenant General Maqsood Ahmed (Retired) Pakistan Army

……It’s a worthy work and must read book which comprehensively analyses
the comparative study of terrorism.
Dr Rukhsana Jabeen
Vice Chancellor
SBK Women University, Quetta

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