Physice A Textbook for ‘O’ Level

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Physics  A Textbook for ‘O’ Level offers a highly readable, fast-paced excursion through the basics of general physics, starting with kinetics and mechanics and ending with atomic physics’ relevance to modern phenomena. The text, accompanied by rich illustrations, has been carefully reviewed and updated to reflect the 2014-2016 syllabus for C1E ordinary level physics. Students with minimal background in the physical sciences will find this textbook to be a key primary resource while more experienced learners will particularly benefit from each chapter’s practice questions that have been written to reflect the style and content of past examination questions.Musa Kiyani is currently pursuing bachelors degrees in biology and psychology at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. He received his secondary school education from Roots School System in Islamabad, Pakistan where he studied physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics

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