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“she approached the next beggar and took off her shoes and gave them away.Who needed shoes now?The sidewalk was freezing but she didn’t care And finally the beggar women _What did she have for her?Her eyes alighted on the ring inscribed with the words ‘Till death do us ‘For a moment she was assailed with bitter-sweet memories and felt numb with cold.Her fingers were turning blue.she quickly took off the ring and gave it to the woman.”
Umera Ahned is anovelist,short story writer and scriptwiter based in Silkot.She did her Masters in English Literature from Murray College,Sialkot.She served in the Cambridge wing of Army Public College,Sialkot,as a teacher,before writing for the electronic media.She has authored22 books so far,comprising novels,compilations of short stories and plays.Seven of her TV drama serials have received awards.

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