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Author:Mariam Salam
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These four short stories are about four different animals who, like most children, are searching for something or someone.Lop-ear believes he is unwanted and is in search of someone who cares. Roohi, who lives in captivity, is in search of freedom. Jan is alone in a foreign land. He is searching for someone of bis own kind to whom he can belong. And Sikandar, in his search for some way to prove his own personal importance, discovers that he is not very special after all, except to those who love him. 

MARIAM SALAM was born in Rotherham, a small town in Yorkshire-that rugged county in England’s industrial north, renowned as the birthplace of the famous Bronte sisters, Emily, Anne and Charlotte, and for the wild beauty of its moors.She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English Literature and then acquired a Teaching Diploma from the Institute of Education, London University. It was during the latter studies that she met and married a young Pakistani law student, Abdul Shakurul Salam.After a short stay in America they settled permanently in Pakistan where A. S. Salam became a Judge. Later, he was appointed Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court and then Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Between raising a family and social work, Mariam Salam has maintained her interest in literature by writing articles, short stories and poetry; all of which are a reflection of her remarkable talent and deep compassion for her fellow beings.


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