Happy Thing in Sorrow Time

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‘Happy Things in Sorrow Times’ss a story told from the heart of  a child. It is a story of true love and forced separation,  inexplicable hardship, irredeemable loss and unfathomable  fear … it is also a story of resilience, dignity, integrity, and heroic  patriotism. Through Basrabia and Sherkhan’s life we might  hopefully distinguish between the flashes of media visage  projected on our minds, and actual reality. The three decades of  war in Afghanistan were not ‘only’ about the collapse of the  Soviet Union, the rampant civil wars that ensued, the  emergence of the’ extremist Taliban, the growth of militancy  under Al Qaeda, and the clean-up operation of all the above by  the War on Terror. The last three decades were essentially about
the ‘invisible’ children of war.If  Happy Things in Sorrow Times’ can make these children  ‘visible’, the imminent danger to global peace might hopefully  activate ‘The Citizens Of The World’ to rise against adult war  policy. The significance of deterring war rather than making it  is perhaps the only way to rescue the planet from thecollosal  damage done to it by adults. May this little book, read by any  Citizen Of The World, in any country of the World, bring  awareness about the horrors of war.

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