Hansta Basta Ghar (English)

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TOTKA is a small word, but it has centuries of experience and research behind it, not only in the East, but in the whole world. Spices and herbs have been used throughout the world, depending on the climate, cultivation and availability in different regions. These herbs and spices are natural ingredients and often very beneficial. However commitment is a condition, that is, making use of these in our daily lives. These ‘totkas’ are not necessarily remedies for treatment of disease, but can be applied to uses in household, beauty, and general health.Often during my research on some remedy / totka I have found their basis in history, literature or geography of an area. Scientific research has called this yield the Herbal Medicine .lt was heartening to see that what we thought was incidental was in reality an answer, which sometime, somewhere solved a problem, and was thus preserved for future.Just as there is no alternative for the warmth of winter sunshine, the pleasant smell of the earth after rain, and the spontaneous laughter of children, so also, the years of research and the benefits derived from herbs have no comparison.These simple and useful remedies and tips are a source of comfort in many homes. Every house speaks for itself, and if there is happiness and contentment it resounds with laughter. May God keep our homes filled with laughter and happiness. Ameen!

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