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This book is not only the story of Gwadar, but has a strategic, even global significance. A tale of adventure, destiny and fulfillment more so I becoming a pioneer of Gwadar is an act of providence.If there is a New City which will affect the world, in a most profound manner it is Gwadar. A miracle of geography, Allah’s gift to Pakistan. Now in 2010, with the contours at the at looming over the horizon, the time is ripe to unveil the future.The Gwadar Coastal Development Concept was conceived in the year 2000. The initial concept prepared for Gwadar was termed ‘The Future of Pakistan’. In fact Gwadar will be much more than a rich metropolis of the world. It will convert Pakistan into a truly multi-regional state actor rather than the conventional wisdom of being a South Asian entity only. This will change the political, economic, strategic, socio-cultural destiny of Pakistan for good, and for the better. It would also make Baluchistan, the richest province of Pakistan.Gwadar is the junction point of multi-regions. ‘Global Gwadar‘ the future concept based on’ share wealth, share peace, share future’ is manifestation of Globalism. Gwadar would prove the embryonic version of Globalism-Pakistani style. While Gwadar would enjoy global appeal, the mere fusion of Chinese trading affluence and Gulf wealth on Mekran Coast, would change the “Financial Destiny” of Pakistan. Even in a depressive global economic scenario, Gwadar shines like a beacon lighthouse of hope. It could also usher a new era of global cooperation, geo­economic bonding and a tranquil world.This book was perhaps overdue as family and friends goaded me to narrate not only the true story, but predict the vision for the future. My greatest inspiration comes from my wife Zareen Mir and sons Taimur Mir and Zarrar Mir, who have always supported me to the utmost. My friends Colonel (R). Talat Zia, Colonel. Mujtaba Tirimzi and Colonel (R) Abdal Bela, have also convinced me to delay this writing no more. Therefore after a life long passion for reading, I am also turning to writing. The stride from soldier to scholar is indeed a big one! However the unique geography of Gwadar and its potential intra plus extra regional linkages are enough to motivate this work. For Gwadar is the pivotal square from where the queen moves in all directions on the Global Chessboard.! 

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