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First Steps in Our History, in a series of three Books, tells you the story of the land and people of Pakistan from the advent of Civilization to the pre­sent day. The account is unfolded in the form of sim­ple yet exciting and thrilling stories. When you have read all the three Books, you will have gone through a record of the happenings in this Subcontinent from the earliest to the present times.The most memorable events ,of our history are highlighted in these Books through the lives and achievements of great men and women. Their life stor.ies help to inspire us with pride in our heritage. The great battles and other events that had re­peatedly altered the map of this Subcontinent, as also the changes that came in the minds of men and proved turning points in the way we live, think and believe, have been all told in the-order in which they had happened. A time-sense has thus been achieved without loading these stories with unnecessary dates ..These Books are illustrated with suitable pictures, time-lines and maps which help to dramatise the life stories of our great heroes and heroines, and make history an exciting subject. History is like a drama in which the great heroes and heroines play their respective role and leave a permanent mark on the minds of those who read it. Their deeds of val our , their willing sacrifice to hold aloft what they had considered right and honour­able, their struggle for justice and love for their country are a record of unselfish efforts and glorious achievements. We are today, what they had wished to make us. It is for us to keep burning brightly the torch which our forefathers had lit, and enjoy in freedom and peace the fruits of their toil.These Books have been written for the young chil­dren reading in Public Schools. These Books differ from other similar Books which too often mix facts with fiction and give a rather clouded view of our History. These Books aim to give a sound know­ledge of our proud heritage. It should capture your imagination and provide you with a correct ap­proach to the study of History when you grow up to manhood .. 

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