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Hajra- Marietta’s book offers a fine variety of recipes for cakes, tarts and bakes. With a professional approach, she has reinvented the European baking in Pakistan, using local ingredients and items easily available in the market. She took particular care to create the finest blends.Her book caters to the tastes of all, from the tarts topped with a great variety of fruits to a good number of chocolates cakes and yeast bakes filled with vanilla cre’me, jams and fruit. The toppings are simple and easy to make, even for the very inexperienced.Because of her teaching in this field, she felt the need to specially create a chapter called “What Else You Should Know About Baking”, in order to guide the newcomers through the tricks and techniques of making simple as well as more sophisticated cakes. She tells you all about the items you need for baking and how to use them.

Hajra- Marietta Khan

was born and grew up in Basle, Switzerland, where she received her education.She learnt the basics of cooking in school and at home in an environment where good food was a priority. During her travels with her husband through Europe, the Middle East and Africa, she came across many different cuisines and their various spices and blends.Since 1965 she has lived in Pakistan, where her cooking was greatly admired. Encouraged by her family and friends, she taught cooking and baking for the past many years. Because of her success, and on the insistence of the students, she decided to write this book on the creative art of baking for the benefit of a wider circle of people.


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