Anna the Ant

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This is the story of an Ant – Anna.

Actually ants have no names, but to make my writing easier and your reading more interesting, I shall call her Anna. I like this name for an ant, it is short and sweet and therefore apt for such a tiny being. I hope you like the name Anna too, and that you will like Anna herself and Anna’s story. It is the story of a female ant worker. Female ant workers are the most numerous in the ant world.Surprisingly ants resemble us in many ways. In fact, I should more correctly say, “We resemble ants in many ways.” This is because ants came into this world many, many years before we did. Actually ants were among the first living beings on this earth. They came, even before the dinosaurs. But where are the gigantic and fearful dinosaurs now? Extinct! Not one dinosaur remains on earth. Many other species of animals are also extinct and many more today are on the endangered list. The ants, however, live on, neither threatened nor in any danger of becoming extinct.The ants are not only here but they are thriving. They continue to grow and grow and grow in numbers, like we human beings do – in fact even more than we do. As they grow, they spread further and wider in lands and even across seas; again, like-us!Their remarkable growth is possible only because ants can live comfortably in all kinds of terrain and all kinds of climate. In plains or hills or mountains; in hot lands or cold; fertile plains or deserts, forests or jungles.Perhaps the only places in which ants are not found are the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. These are just too cold for them. There are many’ better places more welcoming and more beautiful and they say, “That is where we shall go.” And they certainly do as they travel east and west, north and south. They keep multiplying and spread ever further and wider on our earth. 

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