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Umera Ahned is anovelist,short story writer and scriptwiter based in Silkot.She did her Masters in English Literature from Murray College,Sialkot.She served in the Cambridge wing of Army Public College,Sialkot,as a teacher,before writing for the electronic media.She has authored22 books so far,comprising novels,compilations of short stories and plays.Seven of her TV drama serials have received awards.This book present another facet of life .so that ,the reader may reflect on the lives of these people and understand the  working of their  minds .Good or bad ,since the birth of Pakistan these same people  have held control over the nation. They are the ones who govern this country and who in their own lives are victims of innumerable complexities.And this is what has been presented in Amar Bail.Keep in mind that this is not a political or a historical novel or a commentary on our society This is a story of desires and hopes. it is a novel of loss and separation…

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